Location: Pudeto neighbourhood, Ancud, Chiloé Island, South of Chile
Project date: 2004-2009
Building date: 2009-2010

Pudeto School, Chiloé

Building 4500 m2 with in a budget for 2500m2. (2.330.000 euros)

Government of Chile,
Education Ministry,
City Council of Ancud,
and Chiloé Island

Emergency Architects & Human Rights
Jorge Lobos + associate Architects
Larrain Engineers Ingelam,
Wooden technology engineers
Juan Acevedo structural engineer
Etherlan electricity Engineers
Rogelio Moreno Climate Engineers
Nelson Ojeda. Water sanitation Engineers

EA-HR team leader
Jorge Lobos

Carlos Lobos, Cristian Gilchrist, Francisca Larrain, Francisca Armstrong, Matias Del Piano, Fernando Ferreiro, Bernardita Tamargo.

Selected by Biennale Sophia 2012, Bulgaria

Pudeto School shows the possibilities of social equality and architectural quality in contemporary architecture. EAHR built this wooden school in South of Chile in a fisherman neighbourhood according to their cultural tradition and identity.

EAHR used constructive values of local culture to get almost double surface 4.700 m2 with the same official budget of Chilean government to build 2500m2.
It happened just because the project follows the great experience in wood construction existing in Chiloé island as well as excellent carpenters and forest.
Rule construction of Chilean Government allowed to build public buildings only with cement and iron in order to have constructions of 50 years old without any maintenance. Change this government rule to allow a school with timber took 4 years.


27 C Esc.Pudeto4559

New Educational Reform in Chile asks to build new public schools in all the country, most of these schools are in the poorest cities and rural areas.

Chilean Government objective was to create a more equal educational system.

Pudeto school specifically showed a problem with iron construction. A provisory iron building from 70s was fully oxidized or rusty, because the school is in a fisherman neighbourhood side to the sea with a high level of salt.

Government Strategy

Chilean Education Ministry asked to extend this old iron school, in order to save public money. They suggested to build 2500m2 with cement and iron as second level over the old iron rusty school of 1500m2.

EA-HR Strategy

Work together with the Local Municipality and local community, to convince to the Chilean government about:
1. Build the whole school new 4500m2
2. Build with timber because it hasn’t oxidation and because the great tradition of local carpenters and high quality of wood in this archipelago.




After 4 years the government accepted hardly the project, however it was considerably cheaper than Ministry of Education planned.
EAHR was able to build the whole school with wood reaching 4500m2 (517 euros/m2) almost the double area they considered officially (2500m2) with the same budget.


  • Structure laminated Wood
  • Roof Zinc Corrugated sheet and colour acrylic
  • Floor Wood and cement tile
  • Windows AlumInum, transparent glass and colour acrylic
  • Walls Plywood natural colour

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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