Kulturnatten 2018 at Verdens Kultur Centret

For over 25 years “The Culture Night” (Kulturnatten, in Danish) is one of the most popular cultural event in Copenhagen. More than 250 public buildings -such as museums, theaters, libraries, churches, ministries, parks and places- throughout the city welcome the public during Copenhagen’s biggest annual one-day event, embracing many aspects of cultural life along the city.

 EAHR is developing a manifesto about architecture as a human right and therefore analyzing the connection between architecture and the articles of the UN. Universal Human Rights Declaration.

For that, during the Culture Night an old phone booth was used as a portal, to transport visitors out of external stimuli and seek out for a moment of peace and reflection, listening to stories of people with refugee background who have been deprived freedom of speech and consequently think about the relation between the article 19 about Freedom of speech and communication and the architecture implication in create spaces that can facilitate this right.

To read the participant’s stories used for the installation check the following link: