Kirkens Korshær's homeless centre 2.0

Copenhagen, Denmark
9 March 2017

Last Saturday Kirkens Korshær Kompasset started the co-creation project of an urban garden in Copenhagen North-west on Kæmnervej together with 2400 Hippieness and Emergency Architecture & Human Rights. We built plant boxes, planted daffodils and built a large sitting structure of recycled wood, where the homeless users and locals from the area can hang out.
A handful of homeless attended the workday and helped to build, paint and put soil in the plant boxes. In addition, there were people and children from 2400 Hippieness, EA-HR, volunteers from the Materiale Centralen, staff from Kirkens Korshær Kompasset and random passers-by who spontaneously helped out.

The project is supported by Bispebjerg Lokaludvalg, Områdefornyelse Nordvest and is a collaboration between EA-HR, 2400 Hippieness and Kirkens Korshær Kompasset, who offer counseling services for homeless migrants in Denmark. The project is about creating a green area in the Copenhagen, where vulnerable groups and locals can stay, hangout and join various activities together.