A partnership with EA-HR is a co-operation on a common project. A partnership can result in great synergies, huge value and good branding for both partners.

EA-HR have made various partnership agreements among others with The University IUAV Venice.


A sponsor agreement with EA-HR is based upon collaborative equality honouring the value of each other. When a sponsor agreement is made a process with dialogue, ideation and evaluation between EA-HR and the Sponsor is formed.
A sponsorship can be everything from sponsoring our organisation, an event, a seminar or a specific projects with a one time fee or prolonged support.


We can always use another set of helping hands at EA-HR. Occasionally we need help for workshops, building prototypes or other activities. You are most welcome to contact us if you consider volunteering. Tell us who you are and what you can contribute with and we will get back to you when we have a project that fits with your interests.


A donation to EA-HR is a bond of trust made between us and the donator and we will give full transparency of how a donation brings betterment to vulnerable communities.

In times of financial surplus we will do public voting among our donators to decide which selected EA-HR projects or partner projects should benefit from our surplus.

Contact us whether you want to make a partnership, sponsor us, volunteer or donate

List of our Partners, Sponsors and Donors