cdfead58e0-2ce4c182-d0df-40bf-9692-fc1fa9ecd122WORKSHOP 1+1=11 is a participative workshop where we teach and learn to / from the community to use local materials and simple construction technologies.
The workshop goal is to build together a public construction (small building, square, well, etc.) which must be chosen by the community in a collective democratic process.

We strongly believe that when we are able to connect different people and diverse energies and backgrounds the production and quality of ideas exponentially increase: 1+1=11 is an old Pakistani sentence which express this desire.

For that reason our ever present work view is cooperation, co-participation, collaboration, co-creation.
All these projects built through workshop 1+1=11 methodology look for to promote the relationship between social equality and architectural quality (E)Quality in all parts of the society.

ITALY, Rome-Sabina 2014 April, 12 – 18

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More than 75 % of the settlements in the world has been built by the inhabitants themselves, a great creative power of their own environment.
We will learn from this creative source to make proposals that are connected to the cultural process of each territory.

Sabina is an area 50 km from Rome. Its historical Middle Age villages are suffering a process of abandonment.
We want to develop architectural and social propositions to reverse this process and transform this territory in a sustainable new way of life.

In this workshop we propose to work in three of these villages, Casaprota, Mompeo and Montenero, with the following projects:
– “The Footpath of Women”, a walkway between two villages.
– Rehabilitation of abandoned public buildings.
– Revalue the settlements along the border of the Montenero river.
– Restructure abandoned private buildings


All projects will be approached through the 1 +1 = 11 methodology.
Each student, architect or professional will work alongside an inhabitant, family or small group of the community. The student or architect will represent these inhabitants in the development of the project, a kind of intermediary between the individual stories and the collective dreams.

Organising institution:
– Project TRECC/Sabina, Italy
– SabinARTi CULTURAL Association, Italy
– E Architecture & Human Rights, DENMARK

Partners Institutions:
– Municipality of Casaprota, Mompeo, Montenero, Italy
– Piliko Group, Greece
Architects and teachers
– Jorge Lobos, Chile
– Peder Duelund Mortensen, Denmark
– Ugi Bratuskins, Latvia – Alexandros Vazakas, Greece – Silvia Serreli, Italy

Coordinators in Rome-Sabina
– Renato Vivaldi, Italy
– Susanna Emili, Italy
Languages: Italian, English and Spanish
– Poster Workshop La Sabina Roma pdf.
– Logistic English (word.doc)
– Information (Word doc.)
– Logistica Italiano (Word doc.)