Adopt a School

Our work has provided many people in developing countries and humanitarian emergencies with access to quality education. We built more than 1,200 sqm of educational facilities.

You have the opportunity to adopt one or more schools:

1. The Azraq School, Jordan: will benefit +200 children with 6 classrooms, a multipurpose classroom, a library and 1 IT centre – EUR 135.000.

or Adopt a single Classroom – EUR 15,000

Our donors have the opportunity to join us on a volunteering trip (up to one week) to support the execution of our classrooms and interact with the children and the whole community. Also, EAHR will provide a monthly report on the progress of the specific project. Likewise, any participating corporation will be advertised through our social media platform, magazines and publications as well as during our upcoming events. Just within the last year, EAHR has been mentioned in more that 50 publications and both participated in and been awarded prizes at various international architectural events.

For more information on the details of each program,

please contact Jawhara Hammuh at:


Telephone: +45 9142 3078

Thank you for your continuous support for building human rights.