Sardinia Workshop

Fertilla, Sardinia
26 May 2017

EA-HR are in these days in Sardinia to help the city of Fertilla celebrate their 80 year anniversary.

We do so by establishing new and needed connections between the local community, Velmari Refugee Center and University Students of Sassari by upgrading some of Fetilla’s most deteriorated and forgotten spaces.
The city of Fertilla were founded 80 years ago in Mussolinis Italy by a need to relocate families of Istria and Dalmatia, what were to become Croatia and Yugoslavia, as these areas became war zones.

Fertilla though in one sense founded by refugees have experienced some bad cases and incidences against the african refugees of Fertilla today.

EA-HR have engaged in this anniversary to let the migrants be able to give something back to the community of Fertilla, and give the community as whole an opportunity to see new paths in their city where curiosity, liveability and development happen because we share it and create from it.

What we have created in Fertilla was decided on monday in a workshop facilitated by EA-HR with participants of the community of Fertilla, Velmari Refugee Center, and master degree university students of Sassari University, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning.

In an open unused city space a local grandmother suggested a big circular bench. Today we have finished a 62,8 meter long bench build by use of the adobe building technic and some dedicated work effort from the students, the refugees and the EA-HR team. For most of the architecture and urban planning students this was their first hands on experience with an actual building prices.

The bench is measured to give a rest or seat for up to 100 persons. In the mist of passion and new found opportunity Theatre Nvol decided 2 days ago that they today will give the space an act of use for the public of Fertilla to enjoy.

The second building we have done in a week were chosed to be situated inside a beautiful but deteriorated in-between city pine wood that had become a dump-site. The urban planners have been giving the wood some new established paths elders and youngsters will feel safe to cross.

Their walk ways lead in to new established building by design and construction lead of Mamadou, a refugee from Guinea.

The building have been constructed solely by bamboo, left over branches and weaving. Crawling plants have been put to soil in its diameter eventually growing up and covering the building. We believe it will become a space for nature and mans poetry.

At 16.00 the two spaces which find themself in rather close connection will open up a new pathway in Fertilla and officially be named.

We feel assured the name will carry on a positive and inclusive spirit for centuries to come.

We would like to give regard to Centro Nationale Ricerca for making EA-HR’s participation possible, to Mamadou and Silvia for the design suggestions, to all the refugges, students, teachers and caretakers who have worked thier better of, and last but not least all the positive and welcoming sentiments we have felt for the project by the people of Fertilla.