Arkitekten's article: Drømmebutik Hørve

Copenhagen, Denmark
20 February 2017

The January number of Arkitekten (Danish Architecture Magazine) displays a great article about our project Nye Byggesten i Byfornyelsen, which recommends Danish municipalities to coordinate local development and refugee placement.

The article’s starting point is an interview with architect Nina Louise Jensen and anthropologist Michael Ulfstjerne from Emergency Architecture & Human Rights, in which they discuss the possibility for refugees to find homes in the Danish peripheral areas, the valuable decoding of civil society routines and relief by leaving the spatially arranged communities in refugee housing.

Video: Rune Birkvad Sørensen

Developed by Emergency Architecture & Human Rights in cooperation with a number of external partners – GivRum, Q-Bond, anthropologist Zachary Whyte and Odsherred Municipality – the project has received the support of Urban Renewal in the Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing, and will be released as a digital handbook.