Location: Chaiten, Chile
Date: 2010


2nd of May 2008 Chaiten Volcano exploded, after centuries without any sign of volcano activity. This has produced ash clouds covering Chaiten City. Volcano eruption has changed the way of Blanco River which is dividing the city in two parts. Chaiten was totally destroyed.

Everyone in the city 5000 inhabitants has lost their houses and city.

Government Strategy

Chilean Government will build a new city 10 km. of distance of old one.People from Chaiten don’t want to move another places, they want to continue living in or near their old city.

Solution Strategy

1. Re-build city on hills closer to the old Chaiten, where people can watch their old places and houses and maintain their social net.

2. Leave old city like parks, sport, public or memory places. It could be also private gardens and yards of the new housing on the hill.

3. Design a new housing on pillars and a big roof to protect of future volcanic ashes.

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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