"100 Schools for Refugee Children" project nominated forArchDaily´s 2018 Building of  the Year Awards

For the 9th consecutive year, ArchDaily is tasking their readers with the responsibility of recognizing and rewarding the projects that are making an impact in the profession with ArchDaily’s 2018 Building of the Year Awards.

EAHR´s  project “100 Classrooms for Refugee Children” has been nominated in the categories Educational Architecture and Small Scale Architecture.

Now the mentioned project is one of the five finalists for the category “Small Scale Architecture”.

Since we conceive architecture as a human right, we don´t hesitate in believe that this project can creates an impact in architecture.
100 Classrooms for Refugee Children involves two problematics which are under the spotlight nowadays: refugee crisis and compromise on climate change.
Built in Za’atari Village, Jordan gives to Syrian refugee children the opportunity to get educated in a dome-school in which they already have created a sense of belonging. In addition they school was built with sustainable and biodegradable materials.
Leaving behind the aesthetics parameters established in contemporary architecture this project leads us to reflect which is the architecture role in the 21st Century giving a real and formal response.

Vote for “100 classrooms for refugee children¨ from February 1st until February the 7th at 10:00 AM EST The winners will be announced on February 8th, 2018.